The Sailing program of the 1980 Summer Olympics consisted of a total of six sailing classes (disciplines). For each class, seven races were scheduled from 19 to 29 July 1980 on the coast of Tallinn (district of Pirita). The sailing was done on the triangular type Olympic courses. According to the IOC statutes, the contests in all sport disciplines must be held either in or as close as possible to the city which the IOC has chosen. Since Moscow was not a suitable place the Olympic Yachting Centre in Pirita Tallinn was constructed for the 1980 Olympic Sailing event.

Many new buildings and facilities were built for the XXII Olympic Games in Tallinn. In Pirita a sports complex was designed by architects Henno Sepmann, Peep Rabbit, Ants Raid, and Himm Looveer to the 193,000 m² site, a seaport for 470 vessels, a yacht club, slingshots, workshops, a press center, and a ship-shaped 632-bed Olympic village. On the opposite bank of the Pirita river were the stands for 5000 spectators.

The Tallinn TV Tower, a new headquarters building, a modern airport, and 28-storey Olympia Hotel were also built before the 1980 Moscow summer Olympic games.

The mascotof the regatta was the seal pup Vigri

The Olympic Regatta was opened by Arnold Green on July 20, 1980. Gunnar Ericsson, the official spokesman for the International Olympic Committee, delivered his welcoming speech.

The Olympic Fire arrived in Estonia on the 19 of July. Accompanied by a delegation from Moscow, the runners took the fire from the Baltic Rail Station to the Town Hall Square, where the ceremony’s booth was and athlete Rein Tõru lighted the fire. The next day the torch continued to Pirita. At the Pirita Sailing Center, 17-year-old Haapsalu 1st High School graduate student Vaiko Vooremaa lit the Olympic fire.

Race tracks where: Alpha (Finn, 470), Bravo (Flying Dutchman, Soling), Charlie (Star, Tornado).

At the Tallinn Olympic Regatta 21 participated in Finn Class, in Flying Dutch Class 15, in 470 Class 14, in Star Class 13, in Tornado Class 11 and in Soling Class 9 sailors.

Medal summary of the sailing at the 1980 Summer Olympics

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