An introduction to the Lanéva boat

Electric efficiency. Noble and sustainable materials. Digital servicing support. Customizable. Built-in limited edition.

A teaser from the SeaLife trip with Lanéva.

Based in Monaco, Lanéva designs, builds and markets luxury, 100% electric, and eco-friendly dayboats handcrafted with a wide range of options and a smart system for remote access and control, on a custom-made basis.


Company is committed to the sustainable use of our oceans and believes that the yachting industry is compatible with a sustainable lifestyle involving noble and durable materials. Monaco is a leader in this process and Lanéva is part of this commitment.

Lanéva can be traced back to the XIXth century and more specifically to the german engineer Moritz von Jacobi, who in 1838 launched the first electric boat in the world on the Neva River in St. Petersburg in the presence of Tsar Nicholas I. That was the first time in history that royal eyes have had the opportunity to observe an electric boat navigate.

Lanéva boats are inspired by runabouts, Italian “navi dei laghi” & Thames Slippers, designed with modern & durable materials and edgy & high-end technologies. Lanéva is located at the intersection of a common passion for the maritime world, the taste for technological innovation, a strong conviction for sustainable development and energy-efficient propulsion systems.


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