RAND Boats, easy sailing available for everyone

The vision of RAND Boats is to share their knowledge and experience. In order to do this, they created aesthetic and user-friendly motorboats, all respectful of nature.

Technology and innovation.

RAND Boats is more than a boat producer. They are also a technology and design company, focusing on clean energy development.

Easily noted in the shape of RAND boats, is the constant goal of pushing the boundaries of design and technology.  Improving the boats for sustainable electric engines is one of the company’s specialties and the hull’s shape is a clear example of this. This results in better performance, higher speeds, and longer range. The lightweight construction of the boats has a hull designed to pierce the waves. Simply, a smoother ride than a traditional motorboat. The boat simply consumes less electricity or gas, because of the reduced hydrodynamic drag.

The owner and architect behind the brand, Carl Kai Rand, pays much attention to detail. His education in architecture & design, as well as years of experience in the maritime world, results in a unique and innovative approach to boat design. Carl Kai Rand rethinks boat design and ensures an optimal aesthetic meeting between functionality, sustainability, modern danish design, and high usability.

Feel the breeze and calm movement of the sea.

Sailing allows us to let go and feel free and RAND wants to share this experience with us. The feeling of a fresh breeze, the free and endless amount of air and of course the calm movement of the sea. That is truly what sailing is all about, whether sailing through city canals, forest lakes, or the ocean itself. Aboard a seagoing vessel, there is a sense of irresistible distance to the ordinary everyday life.

RAND Boats invest heavily in research and development to create the best experiences at sea. They strive to combine the most powerful and sustainable design with innovative technology and wish to invite everyone aboard for the best experiences at sea. Within the purpose of aesthetical and modern design, high usability, and the goal of developing affordable motorboats.

With their vision in mind, the company wants to make easy sailing available to everyone. They produce sleek and pure designed motorboats for leisure use, with a strong focus on social interaction and goal is to make the idea of sustainable leisure experiences at sea even more attractive and that is why RAND boats offers a stylish, low-key luxury experience, at an affordable price.

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