Speed. Range. Silence. 100% Electric.

By bringing together some of the world’s brightest researchers and engineers, Candela has redefined what a boat is. The globe’s only electric boat with speed & range as a fossil boat. And behavior in rough sea second to none. Simply the future of boating.

The challenge.

So far, no one has built an electric boat that can replace fossil boats. Even the most recent attempts have failed. They either get speed or range. Not both. The reason is simple. Planing boats need enormous amounts of energy. And one kilo of gasoline contains 15 times more energy than one kilo of the best battery. So it is a steep challenge.

Boatbuilders typically employ boatbuilders. But to crack the challenge – designing the world’s first electric boat with both speed and range – Candela had to do it differently. They joined together some of the world’s brightest minds within their fields: hydrofoil technology, carbon composites, transmission design, power electronics, dynamic modeling, self-learning, control theory and a lot of software development. Now they have, with a wide margin, the world’s most advanced boat. The challenge proved to be a purely intellectual one.


At Candela, they build their own PCBAs and write the code from scratch. The result is a fully integrated experience. All information & interaction is managed on a 12-inch multi-touch screen. Forget the über-complicated chart plotters. Pan and zoom the way you are used to.  When away from the boat, the dedicated App informs you in real-time about charging status, position and every data point of your last ride.

Candela Seven.

A large inverted π-foil close to the centre of gravity and a small T-foil in the aft.
Retractable for trailing and storage.
A special mode for shallow waters.
Height, roll, and pitch are controlled automatically by changing foil positions at 100Hz
Take-offs and landings are fully automated.

Integrated 12 inch multi touch screen for all navigation, speed and consumption data as well as the control of navigation lights, bilge pumps, etc.
Electronic sea charts included.
2 x Bowers & Wilkins Marine 6 waterproof speakers, and integrated Bluetooth streaming.

230V/16A or 110V/34A standard household outlet. Approx 12h for a full charge.
3-phase and DC charging under development. Retrofitting will be offered.
8 years capacity warranty on battery – replaced if capacity drops below 80%.

Rough Sea Test of the Candela Seven.

Candela has put a considerable amount of brainpower into getting what may be the best wave handling ever made for a foiling boat. The new model is achieved with three main changes: First, they redesigned the beam of the forward foil. The new one has a more refined shape to bend and twist in the right fashion under load and it is made in high modulus unidirectional carbon fiber baked in a 20-ton press. Despite being only 20mm thick, it can take 6+6 tons of tip load before collapsing. Secondly, Candela has changed the height control algorithm in a number of ways resulting in a firmer response to waves of the size we want to follow and a lesser response to smaller waves. Third, they beefed up the power to the hydraulic system allowing for faster foil movements.

In the video, you get a glimpse of the experience onboard.

ELMA Rally