St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF)

Over the last 21 years, the Forum has become a leading global platform for members of the business community to meet and discuss the key economic issues facing Russia, emerging markets, and the world as a whole.

The main events of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum will take place on 3–6 June 2020 at the ExpoForum Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The St. Petersburg International Economic Forum is an invaluable event for discussing current issues across a wide range of areas and identifying answers and solutions to them. With each year, the number of countries represented at the Forum increases, as does interest in the event from members of the business community, heads of international organizations, government officials, experts, scientists, and journalists.

SPIEF 2019 was attended by more than 19,000 people from 145 countries. Countries represented for the first time at the event included Andorra, Antigua and Barbuda, Côte d’Ivoire, Lesotho, Nepal, Niger, San Marino, Somalia, and Eswatini.

SPIEF 2020 will be the finishing event of the Electric Water Marathon!

Among those who came to St. Petersburg were government and political figures from 110 countries, members of the business community representing more than 3,500 Russian and international companies, and heads of more than 1,800 Russian companies and 570 international ones.

The largest business delegations were from China (1,100 participants), the US (542), Germany (334), the UK (312), France (249), Japan (219), Switzerland (190), Italy (160), and the Netherlands (106).

The Forum program was divided into four thematic pillars: ‘The Global Economy in Search of a Balance’, ‘The Russian Economy: Achieving National Development Goals’, ‘Technologies Shaping the Future’, and ‘People First’.

In addition, SPIEF hosted several special events: the B20 Regional Consultation Forum; a Valdai Discussion Club session; SCO and BRICS conferences; the Second Russia–China Energy Business Forum; a Trialogue of Dialogues: St. Petersburg, Sochi, and Trianon; and the International Youth Economic Forum.

Cultural and sport programs.

More than 100 events were held as part of the Festival of Culture, catering to a wide range of tastes. The festival was organized by the Roscongress Foundation with support from the Government of St. Petersburg. Numerous programs were offered by a range of museums, theatres, concert venues, exhibition centers, parks, and palaces. SPIEF 2019’s sporting program was divided into three areas, consisting of events across 12 disciplines, business sessions covering various sports-related topics, and stands in the exhibition area featuring sporting projects.

Social issues and healthcare formed an important part of SPIEF’s business agenda. SPIEF 2019 featured two new thematic areas: Building Trust and Healthy Life. Together, they hosted more than 50 business events.

Building Trust brought together two projects by the Roscongress Foundation – the Innovation Space and Innosocium LAB – and focused on innovation, the social agenda, and education.

The Healthy Life Area also appeared for the first time at SPIEF 2019 and provided a dedicated platform for discussing key issues related to increasing life expectancy and improving quality of life.

All of this and more is also in the SPIEF 2020’s cultural and sports program all around the city of St. Petersburg and on the Neva River.

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