The future of electric boating has arrived

Leave nothing behind, zero emissions.

Enjoy the journey, not just the destination.

Mr. Janne Kjellman, the founder of Q-Yachts and a keen sailor, set out over a decade ago to develop a silent propulsion system for boats. The solution was found in a new kind of electrical propulsion system—the Oceanvolt.

During the past decade, the Oceanvolt has been refined into a state of the art system for sailboats. Now the time has come to launch a 100% electric motor yacht — the Q-Yacht.

From hull to exteriors, to the spacious interiors and touch screen operations at the helm, the Q-Yacht has been developed with one thing in mind — to be able to enjoy the journey. The result is a hydrodynamically optimized efficient hull that produces minimal wakes, and a boat concept which is simple to operate.

All this provides for the smoothest and most silent motorboat on the market — a unique experience where the journey itself truly becomes the destination.

The Q30 Winter Cruise.

Designed and Crafted to Perfection.

LOA: 9,3m;
BEAM: 2,2m;
MAX SPEED: 15 knots;
CRUISING RANGE (30/60KWH): 42/80nm;
MAX SPEED RANGE (30/60KWH): 22/40nm;
ENGINE: Oceanvolt AXC20 electric motor with 20kW continuous power;
BATTERY: Oceanvolt 30kWh lithium battery pack (optional 60kWh).

ELMA Rally